Commands #

clone #


Copies the currently selected item to a new item, which will appear at the bottom of the table.

Cloning an item will prompt for a new partition key and sort key but will not check for duplicates.

del-attr #

:del-attr <attribute>

Alias: da

Deletes attribute from the currently selected item; or if there are any marked items, the marked items.

delete #


Deletes the marked items. Unlike the other commands that modify items, this command will be executed on the table straight away.

echo #

:echo [message ...]

Displays message in the status bar. Mainly used for debugging.

export #

:export [-all] <filename>

Writes the currently loaded items as a CSV file to filename.

Only string, numerical, and boolean values will be written to the export; all other value types will be black. Exporting will honour the columns currently visible in the table. Filtered items will also be included in the exported file.

When called with the -all flag, any subsequent pages will be included in the export. If invoked after running a query, all items returned from that query will be exported to file.

mark #

:mark [all | none | toggle] [-where <expr>]

Mark the rows in the following way:

  • all: will mark all rows. This is the default when invoked without an argument.
  • none: will unmark all rows.
  • toggle: will toggle all marked and unmarked rows.

Adding the -where option would only select rows that match the given query expression.

new-item #


Creates a new item. When executed, the value for the partition key and sort key will be prompted. The new item will not be written to the table until it is committed with the put command.

put #


Alias: w

Commits all new and modified items to the table.

quit #


Alias: q

Quits Dynamo-Browse.

rebind #

:rebind <bindingName> <key>

Rebinds the action with bindingName to key. This will replace any existing binding for that action. See Key Bindings with “Show binding names” checked to see available binding names.

set #

:set <name> [value]

Set the value of a setting. Flag setting types can be enabled without any value. See Settings for possible setting values.

set-attr #

:set-attr [type] <attributeName>

Alias: sa

Modifies the value of attribute of the currently selected item; or if there are any marked items, the marked items.

The value of type can be use to specify the type of the attribute. It can be one of the following (case insensitive):

  • -S: string value
  • -N: number value
  • -BOOL: boolean value
  • -NULL: null value
  • -TO: value of an expression

If unset, the attribute type will not be changed. type must be set if multiple items have been marked.

table #


Select the table to display.

unmark #


Unmark all marked items. This is essentially an alias for mark none.