Key Bindings

Key Bindings #

Key Binding Name Action
Main View Mode
/i table.move-up Move selection up
/k table.move-down Move selection down
PgUp/⇧I Page up
PgDn/⇧K Page down
Home/0 table.goto-top Move selection to first item
End/$ table.goto-bottom Move selection to last item
/j table.move-left Scroll displayed columns left
/l table.move-right Scroll displayed columns right
Backspace view.view-back Go back
\ view.view-forward Go forward
w view.cycle-layout-forward Cycle forward through layout
⇧W view.cycle-layout-backwards Cycle backwards through layout
m view.mark Mark/unmark currently selected item
M view.toggle-marked-items Toggle marked/unmarked items
c view.copy-item-to-clipboard Copy displayed item to pasteboard
C view.copy-table-to-clipboard Copy displayed table to pasteboard as a CSV
/ view.prompt-for-filter Filter
? view.prompt-for-query Run scan/query
view.prompt-for-table Select table
R view.rescan Rerun last scan/query
> view.fetch-next-page Fetch the next page of results
: view.prompt-for-command Enter command
f Show fields popup
^C view.cancel-running-job Cancel running operation
^C/Esc view.quit Quit
Field Popup Mode
⇧I fields-popup.shift-column-left Shift selected column left
⇧K fields-popup.shift-column-right Shift selected column right
Space fields-popup.toggle-column-visible Toggle selected column visible
a fields-popup.add-column Add new column
d fields-popup.delete-column Delete selected column
⇧R fields-popup.reset-columns Reset columns to that of the result-set
^C/Esc fields-popup.close Close field popup